[The Apple is] ... one of the most electrifying home run displays in all of baseball!
Oh, hey, what's up...:

Oh, hey, hi, how are you? I'm glad that I got you, I've been trying to reach you for the past hour or so.
Listen, I just wanted to know what you're doing on Wednesday night... Are you free?
Yeah? You are? That's great news.
So, we were thinking about catching the Mets / Braves game. It starts at 7:10, as always... Would you think you'd want to come with? Or meet us there or something?
Really? That's great! We'll see you there! Ok, cool, bye! is going to the game this Wednesday night, August 8th. We'll be sitting in the Upper Deck and we will update you with information on where exactly once we have bought tickets (we're still waiting to hear back from a few people). If you would like to meet up with us, join us for a beer, come say hello, anything at all, please e-mail us or check back here for info on our exact seats.

A few other small, website-related things:

- We have received several pre-orders for t-shirts from the store. We really want to reiterate that we are doing everything we can to make t-shirts as cheaply and quickly as possible, but there are only two of us, so we beg for your patience and understanding. Thank you!
- We have received a bunch of fan photos which I will be putting up shortly (in the next 20 minutes). Thank you to those who sent them in!! - We have received a lot of e-mail, mostly positive. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to every single person who has e-mailed us to show their support.
- However, we would also like to extend our thanks to those who disagree with us, but were not rude in their e-mails. It's really easy to be rude and obnoxious and we are extremely grateful that some people who disagree have taken the time to be nice about it. We'd like to remind those who disagree that we are still all (or, mostly) Mets fans here.
- Finally, we're having a bit of trouble keeping up with all of the press coverage we've been receiving, so if you notice that we don't have a link and you know of one, please e-mail us and let us know.

Two final thoughts. They're both numbers.

300!!! extends our congratulations to Tom Glavine and the Glavine family on his unbelievable accomplishment.

That's the number of petition signatures as of this posting and is almost as mind-boggling to us as 300 wins. Thanks to everyone who signed the petition, shared the petition with others, or even came to see what we're all about.

Posted by: Andrew @ 05:56:54PM EDT on Monday, August 6th, 2007
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