[The Apple is] ... one of the most electrifying home run displays in all of baseball!
The Applefather - Part 1:

This past Monday we got an e-mail from a man by the name of Joe Donohue. This name may not mean much to you, but it should and will. Joe Donohue is a man that I fondly think of as the Applefather. He was the Mets' Promotion Director in 1980 and was one of three Mets' Promo men to come up with the idea for the Apple.

Joe Donohue and his wife, with the Apple in the background.  June 3, 2007.  Photo courtesy of Joe Donohue
Joe Donohue and his wife, with his Apple in the background.
June 3, 2007. Photo courtesy of Joe Donohue.

Mr. Donohue read about the campaign in an Adirondack area newspaper and got in touch with us to give us his support and to offer what help he can. The first thing he did was tell us that the Apple was definitely not plaster and is probably made of some sort of fiberglass or similar material (We have updated the about page accordingly).

Mr. Donohue gave an interview to Will McKinley of the Villager and we are happy to announce that not only will the Villager be running an article on us in the next week, but we will also be able to provide a transcript of the interview exclusively on The interview touches on topics such as the history of the Apple, the Mets organization in the early 1980s, and the "Magic is Back" campaign. We are extremely excited to share this with you all.

Oh, and you can read about us in the New York Times - City Section tomorrow (Sunday, August 12th).

Keep spreading the word and sign the petition if you haven't yet. Let's Save our Apple!

Posted by: Andrew @ 10:44:36PM EDT on Saturday, August 11th, 2007
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