[The Apple is] ... one of the most electrifying home run displays in all of baseball!
General Housekeeping:

Did anyone else notice that the Apple wasn't shown on TV after any of the many home runs this past weekend? What's up with that?

Over the weekend, besides the New York Times article, we were in the Palm Beach Post in Florida. The reporter was able to track down former Met Mike Jacobs, who is quoted in the article talking about the Apple and saying that he remembers when it went up for his first home run. We remember it to, Mike, and hope you're continuing to do well down in Florida.

Speaking of the NY Times article, if you go to the article, please use the NY Times E-mail function and send it to as many people as you can. We would love to make the Most E-mailed Articles list.

More blogs and news sites have written about us, including Gothamist again, The Sequitor, and Chicago Mets Fan. Check out the press page for more links. Thanks for writing about us and helping to spread the word!

Finally, the store is officially open. So far we only have girlie t-shirts and regular t-shirts, but will hopefully have more offerings soon. We would like to state the following very clearly: We do not intend to turn a profit off of any items we sell in the store. Initially, these shirts will go towards helping us recover the costs of web-hosting, domain hosting, and t-shirt supplies. Once we break even, every single penny we make will be reinvested in making more merchandise available, with the ultimate goal of having enough money to be able to buy a few hundred or maybe a couple thousand small trinkets and stickers to hand out at games. It is for the same reason and purpose that we have ads on this website. Once our costs are covered, we can give free things to people, and we want to do that. Again, we are not here to profit, we are here to Save The Apple.

Please sign the petition and keep spreading the word. Over 4200 signatures and counting!! Let's keep it up! And Let's go Mets!!!

Posted by: Andrew @ 01:53:22PM EDT on Tuesday, August 14th, 2007
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