[The Apple is] ... one of the most electrifying home run displays in all of baseball!
Save The Apple makes it to TV.... sort of:

Firstly, an apology. My home computer has totally crashed and I'm unable to get to any of my file archives so I haven't been able to update the site. It is still broken, but I've been able to set up this computer well enough to work.

Will McKinley, who wrote The Villager article, e-mailed me earlier this week with some interesting info that I admittedly did not see.

I was listening to last Saturday's game on the radio, but had I been watching on TV, I would've seen and heard what follows (transcript and pictures courtesy of Will McKinley).

Saturday 9.08.2007 1:53 PM
SNY broadcast of the Mets game against the Houston Astros, with commentators Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and guest Ralph Kiner.

David Wright is batting against Astros pitcher Woody Williams in the bottom of the third inning. The camera cuts to a fan in the left field stands holding a sign that reads “Save the Apple” with artwork of the Apple coming out of the magic hat.

KEITH: Ah…Save the apple.

GARY: That’s become quite the controversy hasn’t it?


David Wright fouls off a pitch from Williams.

GARY: Will the Apple make the trip to Citi Field?

The camera cuts to a close-up of the Apple and pulls back to reveal the magic hat.

GARY (continuing): And of course the Apple was not an original piece of equipment here at Shea Stadium. It was added on much later after the ballpark opened. It’s one of a number of – how shall we say – fan attractions that have added here at Shea over the years, some of which have survived, some of which didn’t.

RALPH KINER: I would think this one will survive in the new ballpark.

GARY: I mean, the mule didn’t last for very long.

RALPH: The mule had no chance.


KEITH: Only in Oakland with Charlie Finley.

RALPH: But he had a chance. He at least did something worthwhile. Mettle was the name of the mule the Mets had.

GARY: Mettle. Well didn’t they also have…they had a dog mascot.

KEITH: Oh yeah.

GARY: Homer the Dog.

RALPH: Homer was the mascot. He ran the bases. He left from home plate, went down to first base and then cut across, missed second and went on to third.

David Wright drives a pitch from Astros pitcher Woody Williams over the 371 sign in right-center field. As Wright rounds second base, the director cuts to a shot of the Apple risen from the magic hat.

We don't know who that is with the sign, but Thank You!!!! Don't forget to Sign the Petition and keep up the great work Spreading the Word!! Let's go Mets!

Posted by: Andrew @ 11:49:16AM EDT on Saturday, September 15th, 2007
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