[The Apple is] ... one of the most electrifying home run displays in all of baseball!
An Apple a Day:

Lonnie just gave me a call to tell me that there's a newsday article about Citi Field which references the Apple. And then I got an e-mail tip that the AP Newswire is including a similar article.

Here is an excerpt of the AP article (Via NYDailyNews)
The huge fiberglass apple that pops up when New York Mets players hit home runs will follow them to their new ballpark when it opens next year. "The big home run apple is coming," the team's chief operating officer, Jeff Wilpon, said Tuesday during a media tour of Citi Field, the new stadium. An apple is coming, at any rate. Mets officials said they did not know whether it would be the same fiberglass apple that has popped up like a Champagne cork following Mets homers since 1980.

We reported last August that The Apple would not be moving. We've made it clear that we're well aware there will be AN apple. We don't want Apple fans to get too excited here, because we're learning nothing new. We still stand firmly and strongly behind keeping the same, ORIGINAL Apple that sits at Shea now. A replica/copy/new Apple is not what we want.
But this means one important thing... THE APPLE CAN BE SAVED! If the Mets don't know, then we can help them pick. Now is the time to SPREAD THE WORD and SIGN THE PETITION. BE LOUD, BE PROUD, SCREAM IT OUT: SAVE THE APPLE

We've received a lot of emails regarding other pieces of Shea that people would love to see go to Citi Field. The most-requested is the Skyline above the scoreboard. And we agree 100%. We would love to see that skyline come to Citi Field. And we hope that those Mets execs who occasionally check here (and yes, we know you do, we check our traffic stats) will note that the Apple is our priority, but the Skyline would be a great addition to Citi Field as well.

On to other things... We would like to officially announce that we will be having a Save The Apple group day at Shea Stadium at some point this summer. We would like to invite you all join us either in the upper deck or the picnic area for an Appletacular time, a Mets game, and some giveaways. We are still working out the logistics and what date we think will be best, but we are looking at Wednesday night games in late June or July. If you think you'd be interested in joining us, please let us know as early as possible, because we would like to get group tickets to make things cheaper for everyone.

A few final things to get through. Please see the post below this one and check out SportsTalkNY tomorrow night (Wednesday, February 13th, 8pm) for a special discussion about the final seasons in Shea and Yankee stadiums, and get to hear our thoughts on the closing of Shea.

We want to take a moment to mourn the loss of the Sign Man. We are extremely saddened to hear about the loss of this superfan and Shea legend. [Special thanks to Kingman at Loge13 for bringing this to our attention]

Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without screaming JOHAN SANTANA MOTHER EFFERS! WOO! YEAH! I mean... we are extremely thrilled with the signing of Johan Santana, and while I personally had grown fairly attached to Carlos Gomez in particular, the price was too good for the Mets not to make the deal and how can a Mets fan not finally be excited for this coming season. Omar did the one thing that could get us to forget last September. Well, the one thing besides announcing that they'll keep the SAME Apple...

Pitchers and catchers start Thursday. Sign the Petition! Enter the contests. Let's Go Mets! The time is coming to Shea Goodbye to our old home and welcome in a new one.

As an aside: Anyone screen print t-shirts for cheap (preferably in the NYC area)? Our own attempts at making t-shirts can only be deemed a complete failure. We don't have much money, but we'd really like to offer t-shirts for sale on the website. Please get in touch with us if you can help out.

Posted by: Andrew @ 07:29:22PM EST on Tuesday, February 12th, 2008
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