[The Apple is] ... one of the most electrifying home run displays in all of baseball!
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For the past several years, the Mets have been trying to get funding for and begin construction on a new ballpark. With Guiliani in office, it seemed like things might really start happening, but they stalled. As luck would have it, Bloomberg picked up where Guiliani left off, and the Mets finally were approved for a new stadium earlier this year.

As life-long Mets fans, we were ecstatic that our boys in blue were finally going to get the new stadium that they deserved. But, sitting in the upper deck one day early this season, we suddenly became extremely worried. Carlos Beltran had just hit his first home run of the season in a 10-5 victory over the Nats. Pedro got his first win of the season. The Apple came up not once, but twice. Once in the fifth inning for Delgado's eventual game-winning home run, and once in the 7th for Beltran. And we looked at eachother, and both said, at the same time "What about the Apple?!"

Suddenly, for us, the new stadium was not something to be happy about. But we knew what we had to do... We had to Save the Apple.

Read our mission statement. Help us Save the Apple. Send us your Apple photos. This website is dedicated to the Mets, their fans, and, most of all, the magic that is the Home Run Apple.

Also, please bear with us as we continue to bring this site up to speed. As of this posting, not all of the sections are up yet.

Posted by: Andrew @ 01:01:57PM EDT on Sunday, September 24th, 2006
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