[The Apple is] ... one of the most electrifying home run displays in all of baseball!
Catching Up:

Ok, ok, I admit it, I've been slacking on the baseball front. I'm still in full-fledged hockey mode - growing a playoff beard in support of the Rangers. They open their second round series tonight in Pittsburgh, and I can hardly stand the wait.

But enough of the non-Apple talk, I've got some catch-up to do.


Not one, but two things related to TV to talk about. First, Will McKinley sent me a transcript of the second (that we know of) on-air discussion of the Apple by the SNY announcers:

Saturday 4.12.2008 2:28 PM SNY broadcast of the Mets game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Shea Stadium, with commentators Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and guest Ralph Kiner.

Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks at bat, facing pitcher Johan Santana.

GARY: Here's our "Dodge Ask the Booth" question for today. Marge from Sunnyside wants to know, "What do we think should be brought over from Shea to Citi Field?"
RON: Rubble? How about Mr. Kiner?
GARY: That's for sure.
RALPH: All right.
GARY: Well, it's the Ralph Kiner Television Booth [at Shea] and it will continue to be the the Ralph Kiner Television Booth at Citi Field.
RON: I think, for the Mets fans that I talk to, they want the Apple. They want the Apple to come over. (Ron comments on the pitch)
GARY: People love that tired old Apple. (laughs)
RON: They love the Apple.
GARY: It's so low-tech! (both laugh)
Rickie Weeks knocks a home run over the left field fence.

For those who are keeping track, as I am, both times the Apple has been mentioned during a Mets broadcast, someone has hit a home run to end the discussion. One for the Mets, and now one for the visitors. Interesting...


We will be selling t-shirts again SOON! VERY VERY SOON! "How soon?" you might ask. Well, I'll tell you! We expect to have t-shirts, in our hands, available for sale... are you ready? ... On or around Monday, May 5th, Cinco de Mayo! What does that mean? We are going to open up the store this coming Monday, April 28th, for pre-orders. We have a limited quantity on this first order, but if we sell out, we will definitely order more. If you already ordered a t-shirt from us, we will be contacting you separately, please don't order a new one, unless you want an additional one


These may seem like idle promises, but I really am going to update the other pages of the website very soon. As I've repeatedly said, I have more info and pictures from the Applefather to put up. Also, I haven't updated the Press page in some time, and I'll try to fill that up a bit more. The links page has a new addition, it's our new friends at Develop Willets Point which is a blog devoted to pushing for the development of the area around Shea/Citi Field to become a beautiful, full-day destination with restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. The website was started earlier this month, and is a great resource to find out about the progress of developing Willets Point. Personally, the sooner there aren't chop shops lining the sides of the parking lot, the better. Nothing against those businesses or their workers, but it's time for the whole area to get revitalized. The boys over at Loge13 have some info on this issue too.

As always, Sign the Petition if you haven't and keep spreading the word. 7500+ signatures! We're almost there, and we've got something up our sleeves that might push us over 10000! Stay tuned this weekend for more on that.

Posted by: Andrew @ 01:04:49PM EDT on Friday, April 25th, 2008
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