[The Apple is] ... one of the most electrifying home run displays in all of baseball!
We're gonna have a TV party:

Some of you may have noticed that on April 25th, in the "Catching Up" post, I said "Not one, but two things related to TV to talk about" and then only mentioned one TV related thing. Most of you probably just thought I made a mistake - that i simply forgot to add the second item or that there was no second item.

If you thought either of those things, you are wrong. The second TV related item is this:

Andrew and Cathie (Lonnie couldn't make it to the filming) from will be on Mets Weekly(scroll down to the 4th item under New York Mets) on SNY! Right now, it looks like we will be on the episode premiering May 17th at 12:30pm!!! Will this be what helps finally push us over 10,000 signatures?

So, on April 25th, we got to go out to Shea, enter through the press gate, and film a small piece out on the bleachers with the Apple behind us. What you won't see when it airs is Joe Smith, during batting practice, yelling "Watch out" and then laughing as a ball smacks in to the side of the bleachers right below where we're standing. After filming with SNY, they let us walk around and take pictures, which we are going to share with you now:

I took the opportunity to take some pictures of some things that will likely never be seen again after the end of this season. The neon guy at Gate D:

Shea itself:

The Apple from just up the 1st base line:

The Apple from the bleachers. Citi Field is roughly 20 feet behind it:

The Apple from just up the 1st base line, with Citi Field looming large:

The Apple from right field:

The Apple and Citi Field from right field:

So check us out on SNY on May 17th, repeating a few times that following week!

Don't forget to sign the petition, spread the word, enter the contests, buy a t-shirt or two and Call Fred Wilpon on the 13th!

Posted by: Andrew @ 03:14:40PM EDT on Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
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